Watsonia Scout Group Venturers Section Group Photo

Venturers are aged 14-17 and they meet on Fridays at 7.45pm onwards.

Venturers have so many amazing opportunities from self-development to travelling the world. Weekly nights involve activities such as formal dinners, hike and camp organising, amazing race/scavenger hunts, masterchef, sports and many more!

Camps they can participate in are:

Hoadley Hide: a hiking and on-site activity camp held over the Easter Weekend. This camp encourages and develops team work skills, leadership skills and the use of compasses and maps.

Anything Goes: Held in the warmer months at Lardner Park that offers enjoyable times for all participants. AG offers venturers a lot of freedom as they can participate in as many or as little activities as they want with a wide selection of onsite activities such as lazer tag, workshops, discos, cinema and sports and offsite activities such as horse riding, high ropes, scuba diving, 4WD and more!

Vic Gathering: Despite it’s name it is still welcome to interstate Venturers! The purpose of this camp is to promote a fun relaxing weekend away. It takes place on the first weekend of December annually. The camp hosts approximately 700-800 Venturers/Guides throughout the weekend! With plentiful onsite activities it is a great way to break up for the year.

Oz Venture: An Australian wide camp that is located in a different location each time. These occur every three years making no two Ventures the same! They provide an opportunity for all Venturer Scouts to come together for an unforgettable, one in a lifetime experience. It offers a unique opportunity to seek out new challenges, discover and develop new skills, while still having adventures with Youth Members from all around the world. There is a main camp where on-site and local activities are available for participation along with an expedition opportunity that is a smaller camp within the Venture that offers experiences away from the main camp site. Australian Scouts are also invited to participate in the New Zealand Venture, which runs very similar to the Australian one.

World Jamboree: You will join over 40,000 Scouts from all around the world, experience different cultures, and make lots of new friends. You may be camped next to a troop that speaks a different language than you, but together you will be sharing moments of Scouting fellowship that are hard to create anywhere else. These are held every 3 years with the last 3 being held in Sweden, Japan and America! They are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Scouts Australia offers grants to those wanting to be involved.

For more information please contact our group leader, Diana Harrison, at