In February 1963 a meeting attended by about 100 residents agreed to establish 1st Watsonia Scout Group, with John Hardiman as the first Scout Leader and Yvonne James as the first Akela. The first Scout night was in March 1963. Plans for the future hall were unveiled at the first AGM in May 1963.

In August 1969 a request was made by Trevor Cook, the District Commissioner, to approve the name of a new Group called 2nd Watsonia. Fees for the Groups in 1971 were $2 per boy. By 1970 there were 59 boys on the waiting list and in 1971 after fundraising by the community construction of the Hall began. Fundraising and building continued until 16th September 1972 the hall was officially declared open. The Hall was finally paid for in 1981.

Scouts from Watsonia Troops attended the Jamborees at Dapto, NSW in 87/88, in Adelaide in 88/89 and in Ballarat in 91/92 and in 1988 1st Watsonia celebrated their 25th anniversary with a dinner dance.

In 1992 the decision was made to merge the two Groups, following a lack of success recruiting sufficient leaders, with the new Group simply called Watsonia Scout Group. Late in the 1990s 3rd Greensborough and Watsonia merged when 3rd Greensborough lost their facilities, and the new Group name was Diamond Valley Scout Group to align it with the local council at the time and because it was a neutral Group name (neither one nor the other of the two parties). However the Group felt that its identify was not clear to the community in Watsonia and so in 2013 the name changed back to Watsonia Scout Group.

The Group continues to thrive and grow and has made a significant contribution to the local community. Our scarf is a navy blue scarf with green and gold trims to reflect the two groups that came together to become Watsonia Scout Group.