"Young people need leadership. They need the guidance of informed and caring adults to develop self-reliance, initiative and responsibility".

There are many opportunities for Leaders within the Scouting movement, you may become a leader of a Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit which involves varying degrees of program planning and weekly meetings.

You may have a certain interest in adventurous activities such as abseiling or water activities and become a leader at an activity centre.

As you progress through Scouting you can also become involved in training and the leadship of adults.

Leaders of Joey Mobs, Cub Packs, Scout Troops and Venturer Units need to allocate one night a week for the group meeting during school term time.

You may also need to attend group hikes or camping trips on one or two weekends a year, or during school holidays.

As a leader you will be given training and support by other leaders from Scouts Australia, and be given resources and program ideas. You will be trained in all aspects of Youth Leadership, Program Planning, Safety and other requirements, before you are permitted to work with young people you will have to under go interviews, reference checks and obtain a Working with Children Card.

Take Interest In The Community

Leaders care not only about the young people under their guidance, but also about the communities in which they live. As a Leader, you'll be actively involved in planning and implementing projects to help your local community, and in expanding the community awareness of the young people in your group. You'll encourage a sense of responsibility and goodwill by participating together in activites. And you'll be helping to develop a future generation capable of making a positive contribution to the world in which they live.

What is the Cost?

There is generally no cost involved for volunteer leaders in meeting their weekly Scouting commitment. Your Group covers training expenses. However, for major events such as Jamborees you may be asked to contribute in whole or in part to these costs. You will have to purchase your own uniform, and depending on the activities of your Group, you may need to purchase (or borrow) some of your own equipment from time to time.


The benefits of becoming a volunteer Leader are limitless. Scouting is dynamic and fun. As a Leader you will help to provide self development to young people through a variety of challenging, adventurous, achievement-oriented, teamwork and leadership-based experiences.

Leader Training

Training and development of adult volunteers is compulsory to ensure that our Leaders have the necessary skills and knowledge to lead young people and other adults. Also, keeping training current is important and it is expected that a Leader will complete an elective at least once a year.

Like to find out more?

All enquires regarding becoming a Leader or Adult Helper should be directed to our Group Leader on (0418) 318 103 or mail@diamondvalleyscouts.org.au

Leader Resourses

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